4-H STEM (Science, Technology Engineering, Math) Programs

4-H STEM (Science,Technology Engineering, Math) Program

Check out 4-H Volunteer Zach Krauss as he demonstrates fun & easy science - that can be done at home with simple supplies!

PUTNAM 4-H STEAM TEENS: Independent 4-H Youth Leadership Project – Ongoing (Ages 12+) - 4-H STEAM Teens is a NEW Putnam 4-H initiative where interested teens plan & teach STEAM activities for younger youth. 4-H STEAM Teens will take part in 6-8 STEAM trainings each year on a variety of different *STEAM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math), such as how to make Slime, Robotics, Water Filtration activities, Legos & more. In addition, 4-H STEAM Teens will also learn how to guide and work with younger children. After the successful completion of at least (1) training, teens will be invited to co-teach younger children during local 4-H community events, library programs & fairs offered throughout the year. The schedule is flexible ~ come when you can! The more you participate... the more you'll get out of it. In addition, 4-H STEAM Teens will earn community service for each event/program they teach. This is an on-going, independent 4-H Youth Leadership Project.

Last updated December 2, 2022