invasive honeysuckle photographed by a homeowner in Tompkins County, NY.
Image by Meghan Beeby

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Deer love tulips! Once in a while they miss a few . . .

Plants in Cornell Plantations (PLTNS) greenhouses (Cornell University Photography)
Image by Lindsay France

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Make Your Yard Beautiful class on Oct 25th @ Hudson Highlands Land Trust
Image by Jen Stengle

Carolyn Summers @ Make Your Yard Beautiful class


Cornell Cooperative Extension of Putnam County is your resource for information on soils, site improvement, plant selection, proper plant care, eco-friendly practices, integrated pest management, composting and so much more! We offer free or low-cost gardening classes all year long, and opportunities to share your love of gardening as a volunteer! Call or  email us today!

Growing Food

We have a history of rallying to grow more food during times of national crisis. During WWII, the U.S. channeled citizens’ energy into practical action by encouraging Victory Gardens. By doubling efforts at home and on the farm, we strengthened our communities and provided hope in a time of stress.

As farmers and gardeners, we have tremendous biological wealth. While we may not always have cash, we have access to soil, plants, and animals that are the foundation of life. We can share that wealth and help lead our communities through this time of struggle.  Learn more about growing food.


Last updated June 5, 2024