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Native plants provide food for adult and larval pollinators.

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Pollinators provide critical connections in our food web.

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Growing native nectar-bearing plants is a great way to attract pollinators


Habitat loss and climate change threaten Monarch butterfly populations.

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Proclaim your commitment with this attractive yard sign.

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Our yards and landscapes can provide habitat for pollinators.

Putnam Pollinator Pathway

Launched to encourage and support habitat for native pollinators, the PUTNAM POLLINATOR PATHWAY is an initiative of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Putnam County. Individuals, groups, clubs, parks, libraries, care facilities, golf courses, schools, commercial and retail entities, municipalities, and others, are joining together to establish a corridor for pollinators spanning the County and connecting with other Pathways across the Northeast.


Insects form a critical link in the food web that sustains all life. A whopping 80-90 percent of all flowering plants depend on insect pollination, and insect pollination accounts for one in three bites of the food we eat. Yet native insect populations are in peril due to declining native plant populations, improper pesticide use, and climate change. The pollinators need help!


People on the Pathway are planting native trees, shrubs and flowers to provide pollinators with healthy habitat (food, water, shelter) throughout the growing season and nesting places through the winter. They are also eliminating pesticides that harm pollinators, birds, other wildlife, and even our own water supplies.

Creating a pesticide-free corridor of public and private properties forges links between our communities, provides the diversity of plant species all nature needs, and makes our landscape more healthy and beautiful.

If you have more questions, email us at PutnamPollinatorPathway@gmail.com

Or Join the Pathway

Interactive Virtual Tour of a Real Pollinator Garden:

Pollinator 360 Video



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