Master Gardener volunteer conducts a pH soil test on a soil sample
Image by Sandy Repp

Horticulture Diagnostic Lab

Horticulture Diagnostic Forms

Which form should you use?

  • Weed or Insect ID? Do you want to identify an unfamiliar plant, insect, or weed? Use this form: Insect and Plant Identification Checklist   See instructions for collecting samples below. ALL INSECTS MUST BE IN SEALED HARD PLASTIC OR GLASS CONTAINER 
  • Sick Plant? Suspect a disease or insect is damaging your plant? Use this form: Diagnostic checklist for Plant Samples See instructions for collecting samples below
  • Soil pH Test? Simply want to know the pH and soil texture of your lawn or garden soil? Use this form: Soil pH Form   See instructions for collecting samples below.
  • Lawn Issues? Have a problem with your lawn and aren't sure what is going wrong? Use this form: Diagnostic Checklist for Turf Sample See instructions for collecting samples below. 

How to submit samples: From the links above, download the submission form that relates to your garden problem. Not sure which form to use? Email us at and we can help you choose. BE SURE to answer all the questions--front and back--on the form to the best of your ability. See instructions for collecting samples in the sidebar. DO NOT SEND SAMPLES IN THE MAIL.

Fees and Payment

For a fee of $15 we accept samples of insects and plants for identification, diagnosis of plant problems, turf problems, and general pH and texture analysis. Cash, check, and credit card payments (through PayPal) are accepted. 

Senior Discount Wednesdays

Seniors Citizens are invited to drop off samples on Wednesday's for a discounted fee of $10 per sample (cash only please).

We do not identify Snakes or Mushrooms


Jennifer Lerner
Senior Resource Educator
845-278-6738 ext. 216

Last updated July 3, 2023