Rodney, beekeeper
Image by Stefanie Hubert

Rodney Dow, Beekeeper

Image by Stefanie Hubert


Beekeepers' Corner

Cornell Cooperative Extension Putnam County, along with The Center for the Advancement of Apiculture have formed a collaboration to promote beekeeping practices that improve productivity, health, and conservation of bees. We are in the process of planning various programs that allow bee enthusiasts, young and seasoned, to further embrace the bee community and deepen their knowledge of the sacred creatures. The goal is to educate people in the best management and styles of sustainable beekeeping. Programs, classes, workshops, and symposiums, are bee-centric with a bee first philosophy. We believe healthy bees will provide enjoyment and surplus when managed correctly. Our programs are open to the general beekeeping community and are designed to build upon foundational training. If you’d like more information, visit the Pollinator Section on our website OR check out The Center for the Advancement of Apiculture at

Last updated March 4, 2022