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Lawn Care Best Management Class

Putnam County Lawn Care Best Management Practice Class

A Zero-Phosphorus Approach to Clean Water, Healthy Turf and Happy Customers

A required class for Putnam County Licensed Landscaping and Lawn Care Contractors

Who Should Attend:

  • Putnam County Licensed Landscaping and Lawn Care Contractors

Why it is Vital to Attend:
Effective March 15, 2011, your Putnam County Contractor License Renewal Requires a Certificate of
Attendance at this Class (Chapter 135-4 of the Putnam County Code)
You need only attend this course once for your business

What you will learn in this class:

1. Soil Health Best Practices: pH and Texture; Nutrient Analysis; Soil Sampling and How to Interpret Soil Test Reports;

2. Soil Amendments: Fertilizer Application Methods and Rates; Nutrient Analysis of Common Topdressings; Synthetic and Organic Fertilizers; Choosing Soil Amendments for New Lawns and Large Scale Renovations

3. Water Quality: Handling Over-applied Fertilizer and Spills; Mowing and Clipping Management; Irrigation; Overseeding

4. Business Building

Instructor: Jennifer Lerner, Environmental Horticulture Educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Putnam County



Jennifer Lerner
Senior Resource Educator
845-278-6738 ext. 216

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