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4-H S.T.E.P. Programs

4-H *S.T.E.P. Programs:(*Short-Term Exploratory Projects)

All available S.T.E.P. program registrations will be listed on the Events section of the website.

Here is a list of S.T.E.P. programs that are typically offered throughout the year – the descriptions are below. Be sure to check back regularly as NEW programs are periodically added. Programs are subject to change.

  • 4-H Woodworking
  • 4-H Creepy Critters
  • 4-H Jr Vet Program
  • 4-H Babysitting Bootcamp
  • 4-H Dog Care and Training Series
  • 4-H Outdoor Survival Skills
  • 4-H SEW Crafty
  • 4-H Life On The Farm
  • 4-H Healthy Choices
  • Flowers, Fruits and Leaves - 4-H Container Gardening
  • Introduction to 4-H Beekeeping
  • 4-H Outdoor Adventures

  • 4-H S.T.E.P. Program Fees: The fees for 4-H S.T.E.P. programs vary depending on the cost of supplies and materials, rental space fees, the length of the program, and other costs associated with running the program.

    NOTE: Must be a current 4-H Youth Member to register for any of our S.T.E.P. programs.

    4-H *S.T.E.P. Program Descriptions

    4-H S.T.E.P. program offerings vary throughout the year and registration is first-come, first serve. 4-H S.T.E.P. programs are designed to ‘spark’ a youth’s curiosity and provides an opportunity for youth to explore 4-H without the commitment of joining a club. Many youths take part in a S.T.E.P. program and often transition to a traditional 4-H program.

    4-H Woodworking (Fall ~ Ages 7+): Participants will learn how to safely use a variety of hand-held tools & as well as how to identify different types of woods during this 5-week program. Participants will also learn how to measure and cut angles, the importance of proper sanding and finishing applications. Each participant will make & take home a variety of woodworking projects and complete at least one project to exhibit at the 4-H Showcase in July. This program will follow National 4-H Cooperative Curriculum and all NYS 4-H Woodworking Safety Guidelines. A Parent/guardian MUST attend with their child.

    4-H Creepy Critters (Fall ~ Ages 5-10): Learn how to care for and feed different critters, such as snakes, lizards and exotic insects. Participating youth will be asked to do a 2-5 minute 4-H Presentation on an animal of their choice during the last class. 4-5 Weeks. A Parent/guardian MUST attend with their child.

    4-H Jr. Vet Program (Fall & Spring ~Ages 9-15): . During this seven-week job shadowing program, youth will visit a different veterinary provider each week to investigate a variety of animal science topics including animal dentistry, food & nutrition and how to handle pet emergencies. The Participants will work side-by-side with local vets to explore careers in the veterinary field.

    4-H Babysitting Bootcamp (Fall and/or Winter – Ages 11+): Participants will learn babysitting basics such as managing child behavior, age-appropriate activities to do with children, working with parents, changing a diaper, preparing healthy snacks, basic first aid & how to handle emergencies. 6-7 weeks.

    4-H Dog Care & Training Series (Spring ~ Ages 9+): Participants will Learn the basics of dog care, including feeding and healthcare as well as obedience training. Participants will be encouraged to take part in the 4-H Dog Showmanship event at the 4-H Showcase in July! Dog ownership NOT required. 6-8 weeks.

    4-H Outdoor Survival Skills (Fall ~ Ages 10+): Participants Learn outdoor survival skills including orienteering, basic first aid, fire & shelter building and more. 3 weeks.

    SEW Crafty 4-H Sewing (Winter/Spring ~ Ages 9+): Participants Learn to understand color, textiles, construction techniques and other sewing concepts. In addition, youth will learn both hand and machine sewing skills and will complete at least one project to exhibit at the 4-H Showcase in July. Sewing enhances creativity, builds self-esteem and optimism, and reduces stress! Parent support required! 8-10 weeks

    4-H Life on the Farm (Summer ~ Ages 9+): Participants take part in 5-day, mini-camp experience to explore the purpose and roles of a variety of farm animals. Throughout the program, 4-H Participants work hands-on with horses, goats & a variety of barnyard fowl and learn the basic care such as grooming, feeding and healthcare. In addition, they are also learn about farm maintenance & assist with a variety of farm chores all week!(Ages 9+)

    4-H Healthy Choices (Varies ~ Ages 8-12): Youth participants will explore Food, Fun & Fitness during this hands-on, 7-week program. Youth will learn to rethink their drink, by choosing low-fat milk or water, how to incorporate more fruits and veggies into their meals and how to read a nutrition label. The participants will also learn to prepare healthy snacks they can make at home and take part in a variety of fun games & activities designed to get kids moving.

    Flowers, Fruits and Leaves – 4-H Container Gardening (Spring ~ Ages 8-12): Led by a team of CCE Master Gardeners, youth participants will learn how to grow flowers, fruits and herbs using simple containers from home. During this 10-week, hands-on program, youth will plant, cultivate and grow their own container gardens and will be encouraged to exhibit their final projects at the 4-H Showcase in July. A Parent/guardian MUST attend with their child.

    Introduction to 4-H Beekeeping (Spring ~ Ages 11-15): During this program, youth participants will learn how to set-up and safely maintain a successful honey-bee hive from a Master Beekeeper. Participants will also explore the important role that honeybees play in agriculture and food systems. Each participant will be provided with necessary protective gear and will help build a new hive. (10-15 Weeks). A Parent/guardian MUST attend with their child.

    4-H Outdoor Adventures (Spring ~ Ages 9-14): Youth will examine the necessary steps to have a safe and meaningful outdoor adventure while taking part in monthly, guided hikes with trained volunteers. Participants will discuss the principals of Leave No Trace, examine outdoor tools such as a map, compass and GPS and learn how plan and prepare for a hike, including preparing healthy snacks. 6-10 weeks.


    Last updated September 5, 2023