Traditional Club

Traditional 4-H Community Clubs

Traditional 4-H Community Clubs :

  • TOPFIELD 4-H Horsemanship Club (ages 9+)
  • 4-H Face Painting (ages 9+)
  • 4-H Teen Action Group (TAG) (ages 11+)
  • 4-H Press Corps (ages 12+)
  • 4-H Puppeteer Players (ages 10+)
  • 4-H STEAM Teens (ages 12+)
  • 4-H Tall Oaks Horse Club (ages 9+)
  • 4-H Trailblazers Shooting Sports Club (ages 8+)
  • 4-H Sprouts Cloverbud Club (ages 5-8)
  • NEW!!! 4-H Poultry Club (ages 8+)

  • Traditional 4-H Clubs (Ongoing):

    Pending availability, membership into an existing club is generally open between September and June, although it’s typically best for NEW Members to start with a club at the beginning of the school year. 4-H Clubs are ongoing, and many youths remain with their club for years. Leadership and community service are essential elements of every 4-H Club and provide youth with an opportunity to develop valuable life skills and connect with a caring adult volunteer. Please complete the INTEREST FORM on this page per child for notifications on the traditional clubs below.

    Current 4-H Club Openings:

    (Registrations are available on September 15th – Annual 4-H Membership required. Promo Code for annual memberships will be emailed once membership payment is confirmed. Promo Code must be used to complete club registrations below.)

    TOPFIELD 4-H HORSEMANSHIP CLUBYouth members will engage in activities that increase their knowledge, skill, and experience in: - Basic Horsepersonship. - Horse care & barn management. - Leadership & social skills. - Learn about the utility of horses as therapeutic tools/partners. - Learn about adaptive equestrianism and career paths in this rewarding field.

    4-H FACE PAINTING CLUB: An Independent 4-H Leadership Project (Ages 9+) - Participating youth will learn the art of face painting and glitter tattoo applications. Hands-on workshops will be offered to participating youth 2-4x per year – come when you can. Members of the 4-H Face Painting Club will earn community service while they provide face painting & glitter tattoos to young children at 4-H Community events. Attendance is very flexible!

    4-H TEEN ACTION GROUP (TAG): Ongoing ~ Open Membership (Ages 11+) Teen Leadership - Program. Learn leadership, citizenship, life skills, career development and communication skills. Meets bi-monthly on Monday from 6:15 to 8:15 pm in Carmel. Click here for 2022-2023 schedule.

    PUTNAM 4-H PRESS CORPS: Independent 4-H Youth Leadership Project – Ongoing (Ages 12+) -Participants will have an opportunity to take part in 2-4 photography & videography workshops throughout the year. Putnam 4-H Press Corp Members will serve as photographers at Cornell Cooperative Extension & 4-H Events and earn community service for each event they assist with. Workshop dates vary & attendance is flexible. Workshops typically held on Zoom and/or Meetings held in Brewster & Carmel. Parent support required! Currently accepting new members.

    PUTNAM 4-H PUPPETEER PLAYERS: (Ages 10+) - The 4-H Puppeteer Players Theater is a Putnam County based youth development program which combines the magic of theater with community service and peer role-modeling. For the 2022-23 year, 4-H Puppeteer Players will be offered in partnership with the Kent Library. Under the Direction of Miss Christine at the Kent Library, Participating youth will take part in 2-4 rehearsals monthly and 6-8 performances each year at various libraries, community events and the 4-H Showcase in July. During their performances, the 4-H Puppeteers will help younger learn valuable lessons such as how to make friends, how to get over fears like being afraid of the dark, going to school for the first time and more! Video of 4-H Puppeteer Players Video: CCE Putnam County 4-H Puppeteers - YouTube

    PUTNAM 4-H STEAM TEENSIndependent 4-H Youth Leadership Project – Ongoing (Ages 12+) - 4-H STEAM Teens is a NEW Putnam 4-H initiative where interested teens plan & teach STEAM activities for younger youth. 4-H STEAM Teens will take part in 6-8 STEAM trainings each year on a variety of different *STEAM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math), such as how to make Slime, Robotics, Water Filtration activities, Legos & more. In addition, 4-H STEAM Teens will also learn how to guide and work with younger children. After the successful completion of at least (1) training, teens will be invited to co-teach younger children during local 4-H community events, library programs & fairs offered throughout the year. The schedule is flexible ~ come when you can! The more you participate... the more you'll get out of it. In addition, 4-H STEAM Teens will earn community service for each event/program they teach. This is an on-going, independent 4-H Youth Leadership Project.

    TALL OAKS 4-H HORSE CLUB: Ongoing ~ Open Membership.(Ages 9+) - Members spend 90 minutes engaged in activities at the stable learning proper grooming techniques, stable management, general health & horse care. Develop life skills, confidence, and self-esteem. The club meets bi-monthly on Wednesdays from 4:30 to 6:00 pm in Brewster.

    TRAILBLAZERS 4-H SHOOTING SPORTS CLUB: Ongoing ~ Open Membership. (Ages 8+) - Members take part in outdoor education and leadership, as well as archery and air rifle. Members take part in regional competitions throughout the year. Develop confidence, life skills and Limited 4-H Shooting Sports, meetings are held in Carmel/Kent area. Parent leadership and support needed.

    SPROUTS 4-H CLOVERBUD CLUB: (Ages 5-8) - explore nature & learn about the environment through a variety of hands-on activities. Participants will also take part in nature hikes & STEM play. Meets 1x monthly; 9-10am. Parent Participation is required.

    4-H POULTRY CLUB: (Ages 8+) NEW!!
    The Putnam 4-H Poultry Club will introduce youth to the basics of poultry care & ownership along with 4-H Poultry Showmanship! Participants of this club will also learn about chickens as therapy animals and take part in the 4-H Showcase in July as well as other events & community service activities throughout the year!


    Last updated March 21, 2024